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4/Wheeling & Biking

In Georgia, a great choice for jeep tours. There are routes lasting 2 to 3 hours and tours for several days.


Jeep tour in the vicinity of Tbilisi (all year round)
Tour lasting 2 to 5 hours. You also can choose by complexity of a route.


Jeep tour to David Gareja (all year round)
This dirt roads through the semi desert hilly terrain. Located from Tbilisi 80 km. In this area a long 25 km. in ancient times there flourished hermit life. Caves were used as monasteries. Some of them are known to this day, visited by pilgrims and tourists. Many are lost and hidden from the rest of the world. Finding them is possible on the story and on the cards.
We offer the discovery jeep expedition to these definitely interesting places.
Recommended duration of this tour 1 -2 days, with the continuation of a tour of Kakheti and Vashlovani.


Jeep tour Vashlovani

(all year round - Feb question) 140 km from Tbilisi
This dirt roads on the spacious semi-desert landscapes. The speed sections changes to steep slopes to the canons.
Recommended duration of this tour 2 -3 days, with the continuation of a tour of Kakheti and Tusheti. Places overnights - local shelters and tents, c. Sighnaghi.

Jeep tour in Tusheti (May to November)
This dirt roads in the majestic mountains. Steep climbs of canyon of the raging mountain river changing to alpine slopes to the pass height of 2990 m.
The roads goes through villages, fortresses. Crossing through the streem of river requires maximum concentration attention to each participant. An unforgettable tour by its beauty
Recommended duration of this tour 3 to 5 days with an extension of a tour of Kakheti and Vashlovani.
Places of nights - at villages, at shepherds, or in tents.











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