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Ethno Tours

This page is about Georgian ethnic culture. Ethno-program can be combined with our other offers.
Georgia consists of several parts. Every region has its own unique look, its own unique flavor, its own distinctive culture and traditions. We guide you to these by nature diverse, surprisingly amazing and hospitable places.

Culinary tour
An important component of Georgian culture is its cuisine. All the regions of Georgia have their special dishes, special flavor and special style of cooking. Even the preparation and serving differs in. On this tour, we introduce you to a huge assortment of Georgian national dishes. During the tour Chief offers you culinary workshop. Even Persons with Success will be given certificates.

Wine tour

In our tour we guide You to world of Georgian wine. We show you factories and Georgian traditional wine cellars where you decussate, see the technology of producing and traditional method of storing. We will taste Homemade and factories wines, from West and East , from mountain and coast regions of Georgia!

Also we tell you about Qvevri!

Georgian Folk & Dancing 

Being in Georgia and having interest to its ethno culture must see Georgian polyphony and folk dances.

Part of world cultural heritage roots of their come from ancient, from ages 7 c. BC.
We organize folklore performances in their natural environment in nature where they were born.
see and hear it in the lap of nature, surrounded by the majestic mountains of the Caucasus is an excellent. Welcome to this world!

Mythology and Legends

We would like to introduce you to the mythology of Georgia.
They are interesting in 2 directions. The first thing in the Georgian mythology their motives and characters and the second that there are heroes who have in common with other cultures around the world.
Since every legend has some historical origin try to unravel what was actually

Svaneti Towers

With height 25 m. they come from XIV century. A common version of their functional purpose - fortresses dwellings. But there are also other versions.

We offer to visit and find out, understand how they were built, what was there, look into the past and get knew what in fact are Svanetian Towers.

Welcome to Svaneti >>

Fortifications & Pre-Christian Megaliths

Fortification Towers located at all perimeter of all Georgia and make a unified system, net for fight against the invasion and transmitting information.

Pre-Christian Megaliths is interesting. Artifacts are monumental. They have unanswered questions: by whom, How and why was built.

We offer tour this world >>

Sheep farming in Georgia

Sheep farming in Georgia has its own traditions. Every year, a flock of sheep is distilled from winter to summer pastures high mountains Tusheti. Lifestyle Life shepherds have not changed since that time. I want to offer a tour of this area and show you live in this area.

Hunting traditions in the mountains

The Most prestigious hunting in all Caucasus is hunting on the Caucasian Aurochs (huge mountain goat). They live in the mountains, up to 4000 m from the sea level. Caucasian Aurochs is included in the Red Book and protected by law. Without causing damage to nature, offer to track down and watch these noble animals in its natural habitat. Armament: photo and video camera! This will be held with maximum respect to traditions of local hunters.







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