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Borjomi Gorge
There are many hiking routs. Some routs are marked, some are unknown and goes to the very interesting places, to the ancient, hiden in wild nature to old churches, fortifications, caves .Походы по этим уникальным местам.

Day I

Tour can be start from Tbilisi airport.
On the road from Tbilisi (all the way to 150 km) visit to the temple in the XI. Mtskheta, and Temple VI. Djvari. Next, continuing the path, we can visit the museum of Stalin in Gori, and 15 km. deviating from the main direction, visit the cave city Uplistsikhe (VIII c. BC. E.)
In the evening walk in the park Borjomi to the source mineral water.
Overnighting by your choice: at hotel or in tents. The Place of the tent - at the river beach..


Day II
Hike in Borjomi National Park or along the route less mastered the tourists. Here, apart from the beautiful nature there is a possibility to stop at the lake for fishing and swimming. We can take DISCOVER tour to historical places hidden from other visitors.
Trekking can be arranged as hiking and horseback riding.
Overnight in tent or at peasant in the village.


Continue trekking and at the evening meet with our transport.
Duration and details of the route shall discuss in advance. Tours can be 1 to 5 day.

Day IV
Go to Vardzia (12 in rock city)
on the way visit the medieval castle Rabat, Fortress Khertvisi (3 c.bc.). There's also offer rafting on the river.
We will visit the cave Vardzija( XII c.) and monastery Vanis Kvabebi.
Overnight at the tent or in the private hotel.


Day V
Back to Tbilisi we take road through the highlands Javakheti ( through Goderdzi pass 2200m) will Pass Lakes Paravani and Tsalka. The lake is famous by its taste fish, so let try it!
Not far from Paravani lake, on the mountain are the ruins of a huge building. Megalith sets yet unanswered questions: how, by whom and for what purpose it was built at a height of 2500 m., Alone and far away from the rest world. Walking to it takes 1.5 hours.
Road to Tbilisi goes on the ridge. From there, we will be observing the great panoramic views of all Tbilisi.
Tour ands at Tbilisi.







Mountain Landscape, from 1300 to 3300 m. Dense forests (mainly pine),
Here are lakes where you can fish.
To Vardzia the nature changes and becomes rocky, semi-desert.
At the gorge of river Mtkvari we organize

This region (Samtskhe) is particularly rich in historical sites, particularly popular: Vardzia, Khertvisi, Rabat.


Duration and details of the route shall discuss in advance. Tours can be 1 to 5 day.

Trekking can be arranged as hiking and horseback riding.



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  • On Hotel’s expenses

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