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Trekking in Svaneti
The tour can be organized as hiking and horseback riding.
Number of Days and complexity of the route can also be selected according to your wishes!


I day
Meeting at Tbilisi.
At first day we suggest introduce city tour in Tbilisi. Also possible is to organize hiking at the vicinity of Tbilisi. I note that there also is the interesting places and the small track get as preparation for the more seriously campaign.)
Overnight in Tbilisi.

Day II
On the way to the west we can visit the monuments of historys midl ajes: Svetitskhoveli Cathedral, Gelati, Motsameta. Should be visit also the cave of Prometheus.

Next of hiway on Kolkhida flat area starts mountain road, what gets us in Svaneti, in mountainous part of Georgia!
Overnight in tent at the
shore of the mountain river, at the foot of Mount Ushba.

III days
The starting point is at an altitude of 1600 m above sea level. The purpose of the route is to reach the plateau of waterfalls what is at the level 2400 m. walking from our camp 3:00 houers.

Then, we can continue the route to the mountain ranges Ushba, Shhelda, Maseri or
return to the tents.

IV days
In the morning we will start to climb. Along the entire route will be visible array mountain Ushba. After the pass at an altitude of 2960 m stop at the lake. Next, we will lower our way to the town of Mestia. The length of this path, on average 8-9 hours.
Night in, tents or hotel.

V days
City tour Mestia. Visit the Ethnographic Museum, Museum of legendary climbers M. Hergiani. (Interesting!) It is also possible to take a radial 4-hour route to the glacier.
Overnight at Mestia.

VI days
After a little of rise on mount our way lies through hayfields Svaneti villages. Here are also famous Svan towers.
Overnight in tents on the shore of
the mountain river.

VII days
Radial hike to the glacier. Running route 5:00 both ends.
In the evening return to the tents.

The route runs through forests and alpine meadows. The starting height at 1600 m. and our rout goes to altitude of 2400 m. From here the dizzying panoramic views of the snow-capped peaks, lush blooming rhododendron. Here are planning a picnic. Then - descent to the village that is on 2100 m. The length of the route all is about 17 km. That covered an average of 6-8 hours.
Overnight a tent or in the countryside.

IX days
The trail takes us back to a height of 2700 m. then goes along the ridge gradually losing altitude. On the way we see an abandoned village. Village was distroid at period Russian invesion. After 5-6 hours of walking we come to a dirt road. Here we have
two alternative continuation of the tour:

  • Meet with our transport and go back to Mestia, or

  •  Or spend the night here in tents and continue the campaign next day continiu tour to Ushguli.

Ushguli known as the highest village in Europe (2200 m at an altitude).
From our camp in 1-2 km are located temple 10 - 11 centuries. After resting, we certainly can visit them.
Overnight in tents.

X day
Continuing our hike to Ushguli the route runs along the slope of 2000 2200 m above sea level and it takes average 5 - 7 hours. At same day, after a rest, we will have time to explore the Ushguli.
Overnight in tents or in Ushguli.

XI day.
Here we provide alternatives to choose from:
• Radial hike to the mountain Shkhara, walk to the glacier. (Shkhara is the highest mountain in Georgia).
• Continue the campaign and go to another area of ​​Georgia in Racha
• Return to Mestia

XII days
After this fabulous hike, we suggest you go to the of the Black Sea coast!



Upper Svaneti in Georgia in the heart of the Caucasus Mountains. Probably in the top of all the mountain ranges in the world! - beautiful 360 panoramas of high peaks, insane alpine flowers, ice and snow, and add on history with defensive Svaneti towers 1000 years old that you can climb into.

Svaneti, the country's famous towers, the country of his own culture, legends, traditions and land of mountains Ushba, Shkhara, Tetnuldi.


Price for tours depends on:

  • Number of visitors

  • Number of days

  • On Hotel’s expenses

  • Route’s difficulties

  • transport type

  • And other details

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