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Georgian Sightseeing

In this section, we offer tours to most interesting and exotic regions of Georgia. Besides the main program's (shown below) were you get touch with local ethnos, tours can combine different proposal, such as: trekking, rafting, horseback riding, fly a mini plane. wine degustation and tasting local cuisine.

Tusheti  4 or 5 days tour

north-east at an altitude (1650-4493 m) historical area of Georgia.
It is of interest to their ethnic group and the beauty of nature.
We offer you hiking, horseback riding and Jeep tours ...
We recommend hiking or riding in the transition to Khevsureti (Shatili)

Kazbegi, 1 or 2 days tour

Tourist’s centre, village down heel for summit Kazbegi(5,033 m ) 160 km from Tbilisi.
We guide you to well known Gergety trinity church, to Gvelety waterfalls, to meteo station (3800m), We offer you jeep,
hiking, and horse backing tours, go to Juta and Truso canyons.

David Gareji 1 day tour

Monastery complex from Tbilisi 80 km.
On half-desert, rocky landscape along 25km. they are hidden caves, …and orthodox’s monastery complexes (VI c.)
We suggest combine jeep and hiking tour to this mysteries place. Interest are: as religious, culture, frescos, historical and by nature site.

Kakheti 1 or 2 days tour

East Georgia. Historical region of Georgia. Wealth by architectural monuments (X-XV) The region of wine culture (from III b.c.)
Here are famous wine brands factories: Teliani Wally, Telavi Marany, Kvarely old Marany and so on…
We suggest introductory tour through all Khaxety, meet to local ethnos, at marany to degustation local dishes and several wine’s sorts. We also suggest visit city Signagy and see wonderful panorama of Alazani

Shatili  2 or 3 days tour

Village Fortress, XI - XIV c. located at region Khevsureti, from Tbilisi 160 km. through “Datvidjvari” pass (2500 m) on the north side of Caucasus chain.
We offer you jeeping, hiking, and horse backing tours.

Also through Atcunta pass (3450m) transition to Tusheti.

Svaneti, Lechkhumi, Racha 7 days

combine tour >>>

On the road from Tbilisi visit  historical monuments: Svetitskhoveli,  Ubisa, Bagrati, Gelati, Next from Kutaisi - Enguri dam, Mestia, Ushguli (2200 m). mounting Shkhara, Zakharo pass (2645 m.)  Lentekhi, Kutaisi.

Gordi - Okace canyon Unforgettable 2 days
Unbelievably deep and narrow ravine. 3 to 6 meters wide and 20 to 100 m. deep. several waterfalls could be found. It, is interesting to visit for large groups, small groups and families as well as for extreme lovers who like to explore deeper magnificence of the canyon.
On the road: Kutaisi, Bagrati… possible Sataflia cave.


Vardzia, Borjomi 1or 2 or 3 days tour

Mtskheta 1 day tour

Mtskheta, Jvari, Shiomgvime...


We plan tours individual according to your taste and request!

Ananuri, Jinvali lake 1 day tour


We plan tours individual according to your taste and request!

Lagodegkhi. 2/3 days tour

Northeast Georgia, at the junction of states - Russia, Azerbaijan and Georgia. Lagodekhi reserve, rare in its beauty and uniqueness of the area, included in the list of natural monuments by UNESCO.
We offer hiking
and horseback riding tours.

Tobavarchkhila  5 or 6 days tour

Volcanic lakes. 2643m altitude.

western Georgia.

Average foot transition: 15 km per day.

Total height difference: from 1700 to 3000m.

Category: no difficult.



Price for tours
depends on:

  • Number of visitors,

  • Number of days,

  • On Hotel’s expenses,

  • Route’s difficulties,

  • transport type.

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